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I got started in costuming when I was young.  I used to wear my Halloween costumes when my brother and I played Star Wars.  I was either Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or a Stormtrooper.  The costumes were pretty pathetic, but hey, I was 5 - 10 years old doing this.  After about 1983, I got away from costuming, because I was a "cool" teenager.

Time warp into 2005.  My brother insisted that I go to Star Wars Celebration III.  It celebrated the up-coming release of Revenge of the Sith. 

My brother had a Jedi costume that was pretty impressive.  As we walked around the convention, I was surrounded by excellent, movie or better quality costumes.  I was hooked - again.  I decided that a costume I could make myself was going to be the least expensive.  After learning to sew, a year, and about $400 later, I had my very own Jedi costume.

My first "trooping" experience in my Jedi robes as a member of the Rebel Legion was to walk around the Boston Museum of Science.  I joined members of the 501st Legion New England Garrison to promote the "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit and "An evening with Anthony Daniels".  During that fantastic experience, several of the 501st people said I could pull off a very good looking Count Dooku costume.  The seed was planted and 4 months later, I became an official member of the 501st Legion Central Garrison with my Count Dooku costume. 

Below are links to my descriptions of the costumes I've done.

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Child Sized Costumes

Foam Stormtrooper


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